"DOs & DON'Ts to Maximize Your Paid Media ROAS in 2022"
Are you ready to revolutionize your
marketing role in 2022?
We invite you to join the program with experts who’ll guide you through learning the most desirable, critical skills you need in today’s world — to truly thrive as a modern marketer.

This program is called the "T-shaped Performance Marketer"
and doors are open now.

This is an A-Z online program for Paid Ads specialists and Performance Marketing Team Leaders, who want to learn the integrated holistic marketing approach.

Shatter limiting beliefs, transform your career and be the hottest Paid Ads Specialist on the market – with our revolutionary NEW Program from Tribe47 experts!
T-Shaped Performance Marketer Program
100+ Pre-recorded Video Lessons
9 Live Expert Q&A Mastermind Sessions
4 Certificates

✅ Implementation Tasks

After the Program you will

(choose your position)

💻 If you're Specialist, or Senior
😎 If You're a Team Leader
 👑 If You're a CEO, CMO, or Head
You’ll get your mojo back. You’ll have a holistic, T-shaped impact on the whole strategy.

You'll deeply understand marketing fundamentals — funnels, which campaigns to launch, how creatives and content influence results. You'll have ahead-of-the-game specialization skills such as:

Facebook Ads, Google and YouTube ads frameworks, processes, insights, and algorithm-oriented tactics

Analytics implementation, tracking, reporting, data analysis & visualization,

Ads creatives, copy briefing, ideation, and more...

Stop simply executing paid ads. Reinvent yourself — with power, purpose, and impact

You’ll lead with value, pride and purpose — and your team will:
Wield tactics to actively fix issues, bottlenecks and growth-stoppers,

Change the game for decreasing ROAS results or Revenue plateau, by completing the puzzle of funnels types, stages, campaigns, content, pages and ads,

Be prepared for iOS14+ changes in a cookieless, post-pandemic world. They’ll track and attribute data — you’ll control spending and scaling,

• STOP being silent paid ads executors! Instead they will reclaim their own process and results by actively contributing, crushing goals and KPIs, thinking laterally (even with limited budget and resources!)
Your business will be primed for a new, (post)pandemic world. How?
After this program your team will:

Know HOW to align paid ads with an entire strategy to supercharge KPIs,

Discover which marketing strategies ignite smart growth — and smash your 2022 goals (and the competition). Effortlessly.

Imagine your team working as one holistic, cohesive whole.

Optimizing advertising, implementing funnels and fixing problems with powerful processes, insights, tactics and strategies to boost ROASes.

Together? You’re irresistible.
What Are the Program Modules? 🧠
I. T-shaped Marketing & Online Sales Funnels
  • Duplicate,Holistic Marketing Concept
  • 6 Layers of Marketing
  • Online Sales Funnels
  • Funnel Stages
  • Types of Funnels
  • Types of Marketing Campaigns in the Funnel
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Market, Persona, USP
  • Business Model & Stage
  • Emails & Lifecycle Marketing
  • Metrics, KPIs & Goals
  • Minimum Project Team & Marketing Skills
and more...
II. Facebook Ads in the Funnel
  • Facebook Ads Strategy
  • Facebook ads Structure
  • Facebook ads Hygiene and Processes
  • Facebook Ads Algorithm
  • Facebook Ads Advanced Targeting & Remarketing
  • Facebook Ads Optimization
  • Facebook Ads Creatives
  • Facebook Ads Tracking & Reporting
  • Facebook Ads Events & Attribution
  • Facebook Ads Frameworks & Insights
and more...
III. Analytics in the Funnel
  • Metrics & KPIs in the Funnel
  • Tracking & Reporting in the funnel
  • Data-driven Planning & Strategy
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Tracking Troubleshooting & Hygiene
  • Data Analysis Frameworks
  • Integrating Different Data Sources
  • Third-party Tools
  • iOS 14+ and Cookieless World
  • Analytics Auditing
  • Data Visualization
and more...
IV. Google Ads & YouTube Ads in the Funnel
  • Google Ads Campaigns vs. Purchase Intent
  • Google Ads Strategy
  • Google ads Structure
  • Google ads Hygiene and Processes
  • Google Ads Search
  • Google Display Network
  • Shopping Ads
  • App Campaigns
  • Google Ads Optimization
  • Google Ads Algorithm
  • Google Ads Creatives
and more...
V. Content, Pages & Ads in the Funnel
  • Content vs Funnel Stages and Campaigns
  • Copy Types & Formulas
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Magnets
  • Video Ads
  • Video Scripts
  • Storytelling
  • Product Ads (eCommerce)
  • Brainstorming & Ideation
  • Briefing
  • ToV & Visual Identity
  • Limited Creativity
  • Trends & Metaphors
  • Best Practices & Insights
and more...
VI. Soft Skills for T-Shaped Marketer
  • Mindset
  • Time & Task Management
  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Feedback Giving & Receiving
  • Ownership & Accountability
  • Communication & Overcommunication
  • Expectations & Intentions
  • Personal & Company Values
  • Team & EGO
  • Appreciation
  • Conflict
  • Internal & External Motivation
  • Space & Environment
  • Innovation & Experimenting
  • Trust
  • Leadership
  • Growth
Program Timeline
Your application
is approved!
In February 2022, when the cohort starts, you get access to the learning platform and to the first 2 modules:

1. T-shaped marketing and online sales funnels
2. Facebooks Ads in the funnel

You have 3 months to complete them - watch videos, download and study additional materials, and complete tasks for both modules.
In May 2022 (if you’ve completed your tasks) the next modules open:

3. Analytics in the funnel
4. Google Ads in the funnel

These are bigger modules - with Google Analytics and GTM lessons, so we give you the next 3 months to complete it.
In August 2022 (if you’ve completed your tasks) we open the last 2 modules for you:

5. Content, Pages, and Ads in the funnel
6. Soft skills for T-shaped Performance Marketer

You have 3 months to complete them - watch videos, download and study additional materials, and complete tasks for both modules.
In October 2022 (if you’ve completed your tasks for all modules) your final exam will be open for you.

You have time to complete it by the end of October 2022 and you have two attempts to pass it. We will be supporting you with a full program recap, quizzes, additional materials to prepare for the exam, and Q&A sessions/ webinars.
Download the T-Shaped Performance Marketer Program Overview PDF
Wanna Know More?
Application Process
Academy47’s job is to protect the integrity of the group… And because of this we’re choosing to limit size and only admit marketers with at least 1 year’s experience and basic paid ads skills developed prior to taking this program.

Your application will take 3-5 minutes to complete and we’ll get back to you with a final decision within 1 business day.

We’re 100% committed to your success. action. if you just want to make a quick buck, or ‘try it out’ and see... or deep down you know that a 9-month commitment isn’t possible — this program isn’t for you. We’re about growth, respect, and constructive feedback at Academy47, and we need students that share our values.

If you are a marketer - you can apply for yourself, but there is also a possibility to apply as HR/Team Leader/Manager for your team-member(s). Ready?! Click that shiny button below...
I want in! What’s next?
Yes! By the end of the program you’ll have 4 certificates*:

• Facebook Ads (in May 2022)
• Google Ads (August 2022)
• Analytics — including Google Analytics & GTM (in August 2022)
• T-shaped Performance Marketer, your final certificate, in October 2022 (the whole program following a final exam)

*All subject to completed learning and tasks.
Are There Certificates Provided And Should I Pass the Exam?
Why you should trust us:
Tribe47 is a holistic full-funnel growth & marketing agency born from the need of isolated, conflicting segmented marketing services offered in the market.
The program is prepared by practicing marketing experts from Tribe47 who have:
✅ Optimized 1000+ of paid ads campaigns
✅ Designed and implemented 100+ online marketing funnels and strategies,
✅ Launched several successful products and businesses
✅ Trained 100+ marketers (internal and external) utilizing the best frameworks.

Ewa Wysocka
Tribe47 CEO and Founder with over 10 years of experience in building and executing online funnel strategies. Before Tribe47, Ewa served as a Senior Partner in charge of developing online marketing strategies in a top worldwide publishing company Mindvalley, which are still used today. Ewa is also the founder of the biggest Polish online community for yoga lovers – PortalYogi.
Viktor Holubinka
Performance Marketing Team Leader who manages a team of performance marketers at Tribe47. With specialized skills in paid media and a deep understanding of all funnel stages, Viktor has maximized the profitability of ad accounts for dozens of Tribe47’s clients.
Mariya Kallagova
Partner at Tribe47: digital funnel master, specialized in subscription businesses, speaker and young tribers talent developer.

and more!

You Can Find Us Speak And Mentor At:
Apply to Become T-Shaped with One-Time Limited Offer!
T-Shaped Performance Marketer Program
Marketing Fundamentals, Funnels and Campaign Module

Facebook Ads Module

T-shaped Google Ads & YouTube Ads Module

T-shaped Analytics, Tracking and Reporting (including Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager)

Pages, Content & Creatives Module

T-shaped Marketer Soft Skills Module

12 Downloadables, Blueprints, and Checklists

9 Live Q&A and Mastermind Sessions

4 certificates after exam completion

9-month Access

Cohort starts in February 2022
SAVE €1,440!
*without VAT
Payment by instalments is available
Frequently Asked Questions
When will I be given access to the learning platform?
We start in February 2022 and that’s when you’ll be given access to the platform. The T-shaped Performance Marketer Program will take you 9 months.
Why do I need to pass an exam to receive a certificate of completion?
That’s right. After completing all modules you’ll need to pass a final exam. (Don’t sweat it! You’ll be given 2 opportunities to pass.)

An exam adds weight to the program — it simply prevents anyone from signing up, dropping out but using the program as false evidence of achievement. 

Hiring managers will be sure they’re getting only true T-shaped marketers, certified by Academy47 (ultimately, it makes your certificate more valuable too!).
Can I pay by instalments?
Yes, you can. The payment is divided into 3 installments paid over the course of 3 months. After the first payment (which should be done right after your application is accepted), the 2nd and 3rd installments will be paid automatically on the same day of the next months (e.g. if you make a payment on January 20, the next payments will be on February 20 and March 20).
How is the program constructed? What does it look like?
We understand every student has a different learning style. So, we’ve prepared a myriad of motivational triggers, gamification, materials, checklists, tasks, and more.

You’ll have access to high-quality video materials (subtitles and transcripts available for each one.) Modules will be dropped regularly so you’ll never feel overwhelmed. 

Need more? >> Download the T-shaped Marketer Program Overview here <<
Is any homework included?
There will be a lot of homework, but only related to your own (or your team’s) IMPLEMENTATION of what you have learned. These are not fake tasks to produce fake outcomes. You will need to complete a homework of action steps inside your real-life business, project, advertising or analytics account.

This program is strongly implementation-oriented.
Will I have access to the Community Group?
There will be a closed students’ group chat moderated by Academy47 admins. Besides, Academy47 is very responsive and you can drop us an email at any time - we are usually back with a reply within 24h. We encourage our students to communicate with us, give feedback and let us together make this learning experience an inspirational journey. 
Can I get a refund?
Yes! We have a no questions asked, money-back guarantee available throughout your access to the whole program – until you get your first certificate – which is May 2022.

If you want a refund, please write to support@academy47.com. We will send your money back within 14 days of receiving your email.

What if I don’t pass the exam?
We ensure you have everything needed to pass the exam – all included in the videos and additional materials. We’re ready to support you every step of the way! If you’ve wanted the videos, made notes, invested your time, it’s HIGHLY unlikely you won’t succeed.

If for whatever reason you need to take a break and resume to take the exam – that’s possible too. We’re flexible, here for you and your learning is our priority.

When will I receive the certificates?
The dates coincide with the completion of modules. So:

  • T-shaped Facebook Ads certificates will be released in May 2022.
  • T-shaped Google Ads in August 2022.
  • T-shaped Analytics in August 2022.
  • T-shaped Performance Marketer in October 2022.
I don’t know how to ask my boss for help paying for this… Can you help?
Of course! Many organizations have a learning and development budget — it may be possible to ask for this to be assigned to your chosen program.

To make asking your management those difficult money questions, we’ve prepared an email template for you. It describes the significant impact the program will have on your team.

>> You can download the “Convince your boss” email template here <<

We look forward to meeting you in February 2022!

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