The Future Is T-Shaped.
This is not just another marketing course. Why? We’re revolutionizing the role of the Paid Ads Specialist...

In this ground-breaking course, you’ll master the spectrum of skills Facebook, Google & YouTube ads, data tracking and analysis, marketing strategy, funnels, campaigns... and more.

You’ll learn to funnel paid ads. Contribute to Creative + Copy ideation.

Discover how YOUR expertise fits into an entire funnel, fueled by gravity-defying goals & strategies.

Trust us. This is all you need to skyrocket any digital business – eComm, app, subscription, SaaS, and others.

The future is T-shaped. We’d love you onboard.
Presenting Our First Online Program:
T-Shaped Performance Marketer
Ewa Wysocka
Tribe47 Founder & CEO
Viktor Holubinka
Performance Team Leader
Mariya Kallagova
Head of Delivery
9 Months
6 Modules
3 Certificates
100+ Lessons
Price: €3,199*
Start: February 2022
*without VAT
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Oh, hey! Well, if you’re a paid ads specialist, senior, or Paid Traffic Team Leader, it’ll be perfect! If you’re a junior — a little too advanced right now.
Sure! And T-shaped Performance Marketing? I know it’s THE thing on everyone’s lips... But, what is it? And why should I become one?
‘T-shaped’ marketers are generalists with expertise in 1-3 fields, involved in a project from launch to optimization. And why? It’s the future. Check out our program below.
So, how do I know this
program is for me?
What Are the Program Modules?
I. T-shaped Marketing & online sales funnels
  • Holistic Marketing Concept
  • 6 layers of marketing
  • Online sales funnels
  • Funnel stages
  • Types of funnels
  • Types of marketing campaigns in the funnel
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Market, Persona, USP
  • Business model & stage
  • Emails & Lifecycle marketing
  • Metrics, KPIs & goals
  • Minimum project team & marketing skills
and more...
II. Facebook Ads in the funnel
  • Facebook Ads Strategy
  • Facebook ads structure
  • Facebook ads hygiene and processes
  • Facebook Ads Algorithm
  • Facebook Ads advanced targeting & remarketing
  • Facebook Ads optimization
  • Facebook Ads creatives
  • Facebook Ads Tracking & Reporting
  • Facebook Ads Events & attribution
  • Facebook Ads frameworks & insights
and more...

III. Analytics in the funnel
  • Metrics & KPIs in the funnel
  • Tracking & reporting in the funnel
  • Data-driven planning & strategy
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Tracking trouble-shooting & hygiene
  • Data analysis frameworks
  • Integrating different data sources
  • Third-party tools
  • IOS 14+ and cookieless world
  • Analytics auditing
  • Data visualization
and more...

IV. Google Ads & YouTube Ads in the funnel
  • Google Ads campaigns vs purchase intent
  • Google Ads Strategy
  • Google ads structure
  • Google ads hygiene and processes
  • Google Ads Search
  • Google Display Network
  • Shopping ads
  • App Campaigns
  • Google Ads optimization
  • Google Ads Algorithm
  • Google Ads creatives
and more...

V. Content, Pages & Ads in the funnel
  • Content vs funnel stages and campaigns
  • Copy types & formulas
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead magnets
  • Video ads
  • Video scripts
  • Storytelling
  • Product ads (eCommerce)
  • Brainstorming & ideation
  • Briefing
  • ToV & visual identity
  • Limited creativity
  • Trends & metaphors
  • Best practices & insights
and more...
VI. Secret Module
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9 Months
6 Modules
3 Certificates
100+ Lessons
The Future Is T-Shaped
T-shaped Performance Marketers are like Unicorns. Everyone wants one, but they’re freakishly hard to find. These are people who...

- Provide totally integrated digital marketing services,
- They are generalists (who understand all digital, marketing layers and funnels) with deep experience in 1-3 fields (paid ads & analytics at a minimum),
- Team players who contribute to the project at every stage – from launch to optimization,
- Partners in marketing strategy and owners of the results,
- Possess all the essential insights, tactics, frameworks and processes in place.

This revolutionary, never-seen-before program, is all you need for true T-shaped Performance Marketing mastery. It’s a supercharged skillset that will make you unstoppable.
We Practice What We Preach
Watch the video with Tribe47 CEO, Ewa Wysocka, to get more info!
Tribe47 is a holistic full-funnel growth & marketing agency born from the need of isolated, conflicting segmented marketing services offered in the market.

The program is prepared by practicing marketing experts from Tribe47 who have:
Managed $10,000-$1,000,000 monthly media budgets,
Trained 100+ marketers (internal and external) utilizing the best frameworks.
Launched several successful products and businesses,
Optimized 1000+ of paid ads campaigns,
Designed and implemented 100+ online marketing funnels and strategies,
You Can Find Us Speak And Mentor At:
What They Say About Tribe47
Read this and other reviews:
We were audited by Facebook this week, and we’ve optimized our accounts to almost 90%. We have the best-optimized account. We’ve reached the goal of getting the know-how and knowledge transfer.

Matylda Cianciara
Content Marketing Manager
Questionnaires, research, workshop, and report were the methodologies utilized by Tribe47. They led a reliable and productive process, especially on carefully explaining what it takes to do good marketing. (…) They are really experts in their field.

Jakub Nowakowski
Business Developer

IT Company
Read this and other reviews:
After Completing This Program...
If You're a Specialist, or Senior...
You’ll lead with value, pride and purposeand your team will:

Wield tactics to actively fix issues, bottlenecks and growth-stoppers,

Change the game for decreasing ROAS results or Revenue plateau, by completing the puzzle of funnels types, stages, campaigns, content, pages and ads,

Be prepared for iOS14+ changes in a cookieless, post-pandemic world. They’ll track and attribute data — you’ll control spending and scaling,

• STOP being silent paid ads executors! Instead they will reclaim their own process and results by actively contributing, crushing goals and KPIs, thinking laterally (even with limited budget and resources!)
Your business will be primed for a new, (post)pandemic world. How?

After this program your team will:

Know HOW to align paid ads with an entire strategy to supercharge KPIs,

Discover which marketing strategies ignite smart growth — and smash your 2022 goals (and the competition). Effortlessly.

Imagine your team working as one holistic, cohesive whole.

Optimizing advertising, implementing funnels and fixing problems with powerful processes, insights, tactics and strategies to boost ROASes.

Together? You’re irresistible.
If You're a Team Leader...
If You're a CEO, CMO, or Head...
You’ll get your mojo back. You’ll have a holistic, T-shaped impact on the whole strategy.

You'll deeply understand marketing fundamentals — funnels, which campaigns to launch, how creatives and content influence results. You'll have ahead-of-the-game specialization skills such as:

Facebook Ads, Google and YouTube ads frameworks, processes, insights, and algorithm-oriented tactics,

Analytics implementation, tracking, reporting, data analysis & visualization,

Ads creatives, copy briefing, ideation, and more...

Stop simply executing paid ads. Reinvent yourself — with power, purpose, and impact.
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