T-Shaped Facebook Ads Program

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What You Will Get:
Encompassing the first 2 modules of T-shaped Performance Marketer, our Facebook Ads mini-program is perfect if you want to make Meta mastery your sole specialism.

You’ll take an intense, 3-month dive into marketing fundamentals — from funnel types to campaigns, persona to USP…

Whilst up-levelling your Facebook knowledge across strategy, algorithms, optimization… And SO much more!

(Oh, and, it’s literally fail-proof… There’s no exam at the end!)

We know with such incredible frameworks, insights and processes, you won’t want to leave — so, there’ll be an opportunity to upgrade your program membership to the whole 9 months!
T-Shaped Marketing Fundamentals, Funnels & Campaigns Module

T-Shaped Facebook Ads Module

1 Certificate of Completion

3-month Access

Start in February 2022

One-time Offer – 37% OFF!
T-Shaped Facebook Ads Program
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